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What’s up with Skywriter?

Many of you are wondering what is happening with Skywriter. Since 2008, it has been a place where  we get to discuss a large number of astrological topics and to exchange many views and experiences.

I have enjoyed meeting many of my readers along the way.   In the years past, this blog has grown into a library of more than 650 meaty articles and thousands of comments.  I am elderly now and need to retire but want people to be able to read what is here and the fruitful exchanges in the comment sections. So even though there won’t be any new articles, there is still much valuable information to be had and continued exchanges in the comment sections.

To make it easy for readers to find articles they can enjoy and learn from, I have created a file of articles sorted out by topic. There are working links to the articles.  Here is a link to download the file:

Another way to find articles about topics you are interested in is to use the on-site search engine. It is located at the top of the right hand column on the front page.  Type the search word in, and you will be presented with a list of posts on that topic.  Click on the title, and the post will come up. As an example, suppose you want articles on the twelfth house. It happens to be a favorite topic of  mine, so you would be presented with links to about 15 posts, as well as a great many lively discussions in the comment sections.

I will occasionally comment but won’t answer questions about people’s charts. As many of you know, I also no longer  do client sessions. A list of astrologers whose work I know and respect is available by email at [email protected]

This blog has been a great adventure, and I thank all of you who took part. Best wishes for your continued learning and enjoyment of astrology.