About Us

Rev Audrey Marie Kwarciany
Audrey is a lover of all thing’s energy seen and unseen and resonates  as a Quantum Shamanic Alchemist. Working in the beauty of the under-belly shadow self. Bringing in the light and the balance of polarity. Detecting Archetypes at play helping clients  inner stand the why in relations ship with each other’s and within our internal thought process. Detecting when “our process” is not increasing the quality of life and it’s time to put something else into our scaffolding. Quantum Framework! She works with Astrology form a Quantum Depth Phycology leans. In one on one Processing or Groups Processing Healing Pods.  Also including  other modalities to transform lower dense energies no longer serving us into high frequencies rich with the juice of manifestation. Her ART Sacred stone steward of the Crystal Technology into high variational wearable tools where you can FEEL the influence in your own energetic field ! Her Artistry with the stones is a soul woven gift your energy body requests as she taps in for its own requests. What it desires  in support and balance. She speaks the language of frequency. Audrey also uses sound to dissipate trauma bubbles in one’s energy body using drumming and Tibetan bowls. If it’s more traditional modalities Audrey is a trained and certified in Mediumship, Tarot , Reiki Master/ Dragon Reiki Master and Conscious Dance Facilitator . She Also works with the elemental kingdom primarily the Primal Energies of the Dragon Realm, Keepers of the Lay lines and Channelers of light.  She is an Educator in Both Reiki ,Crystal Work, Dragon/Elementals and Spirit  Communication. Audrey has been a small business owner for 14 years and also offers Conscious Mastermind Marketing and Guidance for starting your small business as well. Logos Marketing connections and spirt guidance the whole way. 
Most importantly she prides herself in leading her  clients to embody their OWN Gifts. Whatever Path resonates most for her clients Her main goal is to assist them in becoming more and more of themselves. Empowering their own Spiritual Identity ,connection  and manifesting all the pleasures and desires into their reality!