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Uranus Transiting the Career Houses–Sudden Endings and New Horizons

© 2015 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

  Note: This article is a brief excerpt from my most recent offering, Career Choices and Challenges: An Astrological Guide. It‘s a two volume set of PDFs, with Part One focused on vocational placements in the natal chart and Part Two exploring the challenges and changes that transits to those sectors bring. It’s available at


If Uranus is transiting one of your vocational houses—the 2nd, 6th, or 10th—then this transit can represent a chance for a breakthrough in your career. You may find hope as well as a challenge to live up to during the time Uranus is in one of these sectors.

Not everyone will be affected to the same extent, of course. If that house is empty, it’s less likely that you’ll see dramatic changes. If there are planets in it natally, significant events are most likely to be triggered when the aspects are exact.

You’re probably a Uranian type if your natal chart has many Uranus aspects or the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or several planets in Aquarius.

(This is a strong possibility if your Uranus scored high on the Planetary Strength Tests you’ll find under a tab on the front page of this blog.)

If natal Uranus aspects key placements like those above, this transit may well be your time to head out on a whole new track. I always say that Uranian types have the gift of periodically reinventing themselves, especially during Uranus transits.

Uranus may travel through a vocational house for seven years or more, depending on the house’s width and the number of degrees in that house.

 What Transiting Uranus Brings to a Career Placement

Uranus—at its best, here are some potentials it brings to the career sectors:

  • Visionary, inventive, thinking outside the box. (May never have even been INSIDE the box.)
  • Able to relate to all kinds of people, befriend people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Independent, on a path of their own, comfortable on the leading edge of trends.

Possible deficits to overcome:

  • Can be a rebel and maverick who automatically rejects the status quo and defies authority.
  • Self-willed, explosive temper when blocked from doing what they want.
  • Perpetual adolescents who refuse to do what’s in their own best interest.

 Note: Difficult signs or aspects—especially conjunctions with other vocational placements—can modify the planet’s basic nature. If so, parts of the description above may not entirely fit.

An Overview–Uranus Transits to the Career Houses

As you review events and situations that occurred under past Uranus transits to the career sector, consider the way you responded to its energy. If you’re having a difficult transit to these areas, ask yourself which of its less constructive traits you might be expressing and how those traits might wind up creating an even more difficult situation.

Were some of its less desirable traits in operation, and could you get a better outcome from current and future transits by working on them? Did you also display its possible constructive traits and potentials that you could draw on in current transits? Use the inventory of transiting Uranus below to see how you’re doing.

Uranus’s roles: inventor, scientist, tech support, trendsetter, maverick, activist, adolescent.

Possible constructive expressions: avant-garde, futuristic, state-of-the-art, leading edge, genius, quirky, humanitarian, thinking out-of-the-box, idealistic, innovative, brilliant, detached, free.

Possible difficult expressions: willfulness, knee-jerk rebel, saboteur, agitator, maverick, provocative, eccentric, cold, contrary, elitist, erratic, undependable, easily distracted, explosive, stubborn.

 Uranus’ action is ever-evolving, erratic, and can correspond with an itch to change everything for the sake of something new. Given this restlessness, you’re likely to be exposed to leading-edge ideas and tools that stimulate creativity, spark your inventiveness, and change your direction considerably. You may be drawn to exciting new ideas, methods, and people—like-minded souls to support you in these transitions.

In an unsteady marketplace with frequent leadership upheavals, you’re forced to develop independence and initiative. These unexpected developments can take you in directions you’ve never dreamed you’d pursue—or that you’d dreamed of but never thought you’d attain.

 These transits can be unsettling to people who don’t easily adapt to change. Typical events might include a series of sudden job moves and unforeseen shifts in the types of work done. Situations might involve odd working conditions, unusual or even eccentric bosses and coworkers, layoffs or company closings, or even geographical moves due to transfers.

We may go through a series of abrupt changes in jobs and career direction, including what look like false starts. Yet these repeated changes, even the ones that don’t work out, can be considered experiments in which we try out new possibilities.

 Each segment of the path is a piece of a greater puzzle, and each contributes to an ultimate outcome that integrates many facets of our unique gifts.

Expecting the Unexpected in Career Developments

Like many astrologers, I admit that Uranus transits are too unpredictable to nail down. Uranus’ action is ever-evolving, state of the art, and erratic. Uranus transits can create an itch to change everything, just for the sake of something new.

Given this sense of restlessness, we’re likely to be exposed to a number of leading-edge ideas and tools that could stimulate our creativity, spark our inventiveness, and change our direction considerably. We may be drawn to exciting ideas, methods, and people—like-minded souls to support us in all the transitions we’ll face.

Many of us will experience the need to adhere to our own authority rather than an external one. In an unsettled marketplace with frequent leadership upheavals, we’re forced to develop independence and initiative.

Often by default, we get the chance to break from convention and to think for ourselves as we face rapid new developments. Some of us are both forced and allowed to become less conventional and to leave the safe womb of mass culture behind for a radically new way of life that may in time become the norm.

If Uranus is transiting a career house or aspecting the Midheaven and you’re using the transit well, those unexpected developments could take you in directions you’ve never dreamed you’d pursue—or that you dreamed of but never hoped to attain. One thing for certain, we all live in interesting times!

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